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Default Re: Another Advice post.. have some questions.

Originally Posted by haloeighty8 View Post
Well I'm feeling that upgrade bug and was planning on picking up 2 EVGA GTX 480's for a little SLI action, I primarily game at 2560x1600.
Now my question is do you guys think my power supply can handle it? It's a little older but I've never had any issues with it, it's a PC power and cooling 1kw-sr. I don't even think it's made anymore, but I don't really want to have to buy another power supply.

Off topic a bit was either going to do that or get 1 gtx 480 and a i7-980x. Want the most bang for my buck as we all do!, so I think that might leave the cpu out! lol..
Your CPU is fine I wouldnt drop $1k on the 6 core right now, nothing will even use it and by the time games do there will be cheaper more overclockable versions available. A 1KW PC Power and Cooling should be fine. Dude, how are you are talking about Bang for your buck and GTX 480 SLI in the same post ?? - lmao.
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