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Default Re: Fullscreen-SG/RGSSAA with Fermi via TRSSAA (OGL, D3D10/11)?

Originally Posted by Bo_Fox View Post
Hey Bah!, are you really sure that it's Full-Scene SSAA, not just TR-SSAA? TSAA would be doing alpha-AA on millions of grass blades that covers the entire field, hence the severe performance hit.
Yes, I'm sure. It's very noticeable with eliminating texture shimmering, which TSAA won't effect. Not to mention the fact that I can put the SSAA to x2 and then put my in-game AA to x2 and it looks better than putting the in-game AA to x16, which wouldn't be the case if it were just TSAA.

Oh, and the tool that Nvidia released is called Geforce_SSAA_tool and it reintegrates the bug that was in the previous drivers that made TSAA into SSAA. By using it, the Antialiasing Transparancy setting in the Nvidia CP will go from whatever TSAA setting you have (x2,x4,x8 ect.) to Custom, which applies the SG-SSAA.
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