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Default 3D Vision on Dell Alienware 1920x1080_120 (Linux)

I cannot get this monitor to give me stereo ('3D') vision.

I successfully managed to get 3D working on a Samsung 1680x1050_120 using "Stereo" "option" "10". However, using this option simply fuzzes the screen on this monitor.

The stereo option '3' seems to get closest to the mark. In this mode, nvidia-settings gives several suitable stereo GLX visuals. However, when it goes into stereo mode, it seems to be displaying left and right images on non-synchronised scans, such that the image jitters side-to-side. It certainly doesn't give a stereo view.

In a desperate attempt to win, I've noe tried all stereo integer options up to 11. The Nvidia documentation only describes options up to 6, so it is obviously guesswork here. I also tried the Option "AllowDFPStereo" "on" with stereo option 3 - no improvement though.

Anyone have any clues?

We are using SLES10.2 and NVidia driver 195.36.15 and Geforce 3DVision kit with DIN cable direct off the board.
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