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The biggest problem is there is not a standard for 3D yet. Each manufacturer does it their own way, although they will all work with the 3D BR discs.

Everyone is going active shutter, which means the glasses need to sync with the TV, so you MUST buy the glasses built for your specific TV model (verify verify verify).

I think it is just a fad, which will fade out once people start complaining of headaches, etc. I would wait, at least, until there is a standard set for all manufacturers. This will ensure the movies will be optimized for that standard and you will get the best possible 3D picture.

Also, as a note, you will be required to have HDMI 1.4 in order to do full HD 3D. HDMI 1.3 (what most people have) will only do 3D in 1080i (1.4 can do 1080p). This means all the components in the path need to be 1.4 to get all the goodness. Naturally, this also includes HDMI cabling.
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