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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
I heard that some of the mini games are just horrible, like the computer hacking one.
They're no more annoying than Fallout 3's really, the problem is they are more frequent. Seems like every room you go in has a mini-game, it is definitely a negative against the game.

I have to say though, I just woke up today and I am very excited to play more Alpha Protocol. Like Morrowind or Timeshift this is going to be a game certain people love and a lot of people dismiss outright. The comments Hunt makes against this game could be leveled against Deus Ex, which is PC Gamer's best game of all time and mine as well, so obviously he is not the target audience.

Depends on what you want from the game. Good story, choice and actual RPG consequences? Alpha Protocol has it. Polished shooter like Mass Effect? Nope.
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