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Default Re: Official Need For Speed World

Originally Posted by Viral View Post
Well you're weird, I thought everyone played their games on a cinema projector.

The only time I've had anything revert to 24fps was Crysis on my HDTV... to get it to set to 1080p it would only use 1080/24p which is a movie mode.
Yeah this seems to be a wierd thing with ATI cards and some games at 1080 through HDMI (or Nvidia as well...?). Prince of Persia(2008) does this for me, as well as Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena.

Only way I found around it was using RefreshLock: and forcing it to 60hz. Only downside is D3DOverride for forcing triple-buffering doesn't work with it, but it will at least get you 60hz.
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