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Default Re: Half Life 2 Episode 3 on E3?

Originally Posted by Mr. Hunt View Post
I never even finished Episode 2... maybe if they came out within a reasonable amount of time I would give a crap. Only reason I own Ep. 2 is because of the black box version or whatever the crap it was called that had TF2 and Portal included... if Ep. 3 comes bundled with Portal 2 or something, then I might be interested just for Portal 2.
Hunt You are so pathetic. Purchasing a game and not even knowing whats its title? And Its not fair to say EP2 is "crap version" if as You said-> You didnt finished it.

Offcourse I gotta admit that hl3 would be better than those episodic weirdo. But valve managed to make it right and ep2 is just great.
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