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Default Re: Strange fan problem with GTX 470...

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post

Does your problem sound anything remotely like that guys problem? It's really weird that you can't see those fanspeed spikes in the logging screen of Afterburner. They should show up since I believe they are refreshed every 1000 milliseconds.

Actually nevermind I might have an idea what it is happening. I've had this happen in LFS when I vsynced it, since the game is really old (card runs it in low power mode and doesn't use more than 50% of the GPU then) the fan would spike up for a second and then back off to its default speed for a minute or two and then spike up again. Now if I removed vsync (fps were limited to 100fps) it actually stayed in 3D mode and wasn't switching and applied fanspeed in a more linear fashion.

But I see you already tried performance mode and other things, I was just wondering since some flashgames can actually get accelerated by the GPU, same like some Media Players (especially movie or video clips) can get accelerated and increase the temp of the GPU by 2-4C.
But fan speed is tied to GPU temperature, not GPU load, so unless the reported temperature suddenly spikes by 70C in less than a second, the fan speed shouldn't go from 40% to 100%, and it definitely wouldn't cool down fast enough to return to normal in less than half a second. If the temperature increases by 2, 3 or even 10C it shouldn't make the fan ramp up to 100%.

As for the post at guru3D, it sounds like it could be related to what I'm experiences, though there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it on my system. It doesn't matter what I do or what the GPU utilization, temperatures or fan speeds are reporting. It will just run at (what sounds like) 110% fan speed and then go back to normal without warning.
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