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Default Re: ASUS GTX 480 beats ASUS HD 5870 Matrix 2GB GDDR5 @ 950/1250 !!!

Originally Posted by v3rninater View Post
Mail, what temps are you getting and what is your cooling like? You have a pic? Was thinking about pulling the trigger, work got me a $100 gift cert @ amazon.

Uploaded with

Well mine is water cooled. Highest load temp I've ever seen was 50 and the room temp was about 83f that day. Normally load temp is about 44-45.

Even though the GTX 480 is faster, the HD5870 was a lot smoother. I really miss that. Been thinking about going back. Framerates are nice but when games don't feel smooth it doesn't really matter. This card reminds me of my experience with the 9800GX2, it benchmarked great but real world gameplay was just poor. Eventually I returned it and just went back to my 8800gtx. It was slower in benchmarks but games were so much smoother.

Im considering a 120Hz LCD to see if the GTX 480 would be smoother or just buying another HD5870 and selling this.
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