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Originally Posted by zoomy942 View Post
100% the reason why my house is either OSX or ubuntu. No Windows. No security holes. No problems.

I love to see you using ubuntu and liking it grey. I have been loving it too. Lubuntu on my netbook is the best I have ever used on a low resource PC.
I've gone with Debian stable for the most part, started with RH6 ages ago but this is actually the first Ubuntu release I've tried that I really feel like they've nailed it.

Add to that the fact that Wine is now head and shoulders above what it was 2-3 years ago ... lets just say I can't really find a reason to not make this my primary OS in the house.

Oh, did a bunch of reading up on Lubuntu - I'll be grabbing a couple more laptops, or a laptop and a netbook before years end and Lubuntu will be it for those.
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