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Default Re: ASUS GTX 480 beats ASUS HD 5870 Matrix 2GB GDDR5 @ 950/1250 !!!

Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Not really a great comparison when one costs 30% more than the other. Try putting two 5850s against one 480 and see how the results pan out(price-wise pretty much the same).
The 5870 is much closer to the GTX 470 in both performance and price than it is to the GTX 480.
Actually, it's about 20% more, not 30. And, no, two 5850's aren't "pretty much" the same price as a single 480. In fact, the price difference between the 480 and 5850's in SLI is as much or more than the difference between a 480 and a 5870.

So why is it ok to compare a 480 to $100 more expensive setup but not ok to do the same with the 5870?

People compare the 480 to the 5870 because it's the fastest single gpu card from both companies.
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