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Default Re: ASUS GTX 480 beats ASUS HD 5870 Matrix 2GB GDDR5 @ 950/1250 !!!

Actually the 2 GB 5870 is the same price as the GTX 480. The price premium is because it has quite a lot of customizations, overclockability, etc. So pricewise it is a fair comparison. This one doesn't support six-display eyefinity which I thought was the whole point of the 2 GB cards.

What this review proves is that you might as well get a stock 5870 if you want to go that route and maybe overclock it yourself because you aren't going to squeeze out that much more performance. Additionally, it would be more interesting to see numbers at a higher resolution where you'd normally run into VRAM limitations. 1920x1080 is too low to test that.
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