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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
My clients at work have the same rule! How odd!

Just got done installing/updating/editing Ubuntu on my desktop and I'm just blazing when it comes to just about anything.

I did want to share my little software checklist with you guys. This is the checklist I've had since late 06 and it's still not completely checked off:

* Microsoft Office - Check. I haven't read up about Office 2010 yet but I'm sure it's in the works. 2007 will do for now if I have to.

* Adobe Photoshop CS3 - Not checked. I'm a PS addict and if I have to edit pics, I use it because I think I'm pretty good at it. I can get stuff done quick too.

* Gaming - I'm trying real hard to lay low on the gaming stuff for a while. I recently realized how much time I'm wasting playing games, but I'm not going to quit cold turkey. I still want to enjoy some of my games.

* Compatibility with my iPod Touch - Non checked. Songbird used to play nice until the plug-in devs quit working on it. Any hints?

I've still got some customization I want to. I'll post a screenie later.
Try The GIMP or if you really need to, PS CS2 will work just fine using WINE. You might want to try Banshee in regard to your iPod.
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