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Default Re: Ubuntu 10.04

Originally Posted by zoomy942 View Post
good job man. love seeing GW running.

as for your list. parts of that are fixed in some ways with ubuntu, just depends on how far you can get from your windows dependancy.

gaming - cant help that. it is what it is.

PS - you can either use PS2 or VMWare and use Unity mode and have it be skinned in windows VM to look like ubuntu.

i hate ipods.

Office works 100% with Crossover Linux and i can even offer you a lisence for it since i have an extra.

Get away from windows.

i agree most problems are user related but there is a peace of mind, for a computer guy at home, to know that when m y wifey is using her PC - nothing is infecting it. be it OSX or ubuntu, i dont have to fret about "whats this thing popping up with Windows starts" and stuff like that. I dont have to care about 10000 windows updates. or.. the dreaded "i want to print off these coupons" type stuff. It's true i have a Windows XP and Windows 7 VM, but they sit dormant most of the time unless I 100% cannot find a way to accomplish something in osx. hell, i even have a ubuntu VM that i will use first before I power on a windows VM.
LOL. Ubuntu still has a ton of updates remember?

I really can't wait until the wife has her Macbook Pro. Her friend got one and the wife loves it.
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