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Default Re: COD4 MP, GTX 480 super hitch.

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Geezus. So I disabled PB in COD4, started a server in downpour (same as I have been for testing) and its butter. WTF!! No wonder I've had issues... BF BC2 uses PB too. Stupid azz PB, you gotta be kidding me.

Thanks much!!!! That was it 110% in COD4. Now I've gotta go back and see how many other games I was playing used PB, but I bet its a bunch. So is there any "fix" for this??

EDIT COD MW2 MP was choppy too - I bet its PB on that game as well.
MW2 uses VAC so no fix there, sorry. However MW2 has been very laggy for me I have not played it in a few weeks.
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