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Default Re: video breaking up at 1080i50 with Ion through Onkyo AV amp

All boxes work fine when connected directly to my television; the ps3 works fine when connected via the onkyo; the revo works fine at 720p50. I'm assuming that the onkyo is reporting something via EDID which is prompting the ion to output something that the television can't cope with (telly is quite old and can only cope with 1080i, not 1080p). The Revo is reporting that its attached to an Onkyo as the display device, not a Sony as it does when attached directly.

I doubt that there is an issue with the nvidia driver - its more likely to be the onkyo. Any assistance in how to establish this would be gratefully received . I've downloaded both EDID files which I can't read as they are binary...
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