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Default Re: COD4 MP, GTX 480 super hitch.

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
So for those that claimed they aren't seeing it... now that I know what was causing it I googled and sure enough alot of people are reporting the same problems. Looks like it may be the cause for some of the BF BC2 stutter and its reportedly gotten worse in the latest version of pb.

I think you guys need your eyes checked lol. Probably the same people that claimed to never see micro stutter too. This is kind of funny though, pb causes this stutter for a lot of people due to the way it works with the heartbeat thing, even balance even mentions changing settings in their FAQ for this.

Now when other people claim not to see it or report the game as being butter smooth you've gotta wonder why. Do some people really not see this stutter from it? Are they just saying they aren't seeing it?
There is nothing wrong with our eyes.

Having had a 295, I know all about micro stutter and I don't get a stutter at all in either of those games. In fact, I've yet to see stutter in any game I've played. It's one of the reason's I'm loving the 400 series so much more than the 200.

Why do people report the games being butter smooth? Because they are. Not everyone will be hit with the same issues and even minor differences in systems will eliminate or show issues that other people don't have. Case in point, the 257 driver causes the polling in programs like Precision, Afterburner, etc. to cause stuttering on some setups. I'm running the driver and haven't had a problem, but there are numerous reports from people saying that disabling these programs or reverting their drivers makes the issue go away. It doesn't effect every setup, though, which is why many of us can run them just fine.
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