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Default Re: COD4 MP, GTX 480 super hitch.

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There is nothing wrong with our eyes.

Having had a 295, I know all about micro stutter and I don't get a stutter at all in either of those games. In fact, I've yet to see stutter in any game I've played. It's one of the reason's I'm loving the 400 series so much more than the 200.

Why do people report the games being butter smooth? Because they are. Not everyone will be hit with the same issues and even minor differences in systems will eliminate or show issues that other people don't have. Case in point, the 257 driver causes the polling in programs like Precision, Afterburner, etc. to cause stuttering on some setups. I'm running the driver and haven't had a problem, but there are numerous reports from people saying that disabling these programs or reverting their drivers makes the issue go away. It doesn't effect every setup, though, which is why many of us can run them just fine.
Well the punkbuster issue with COD4 is a documented problem. Everyone has it. As long as you have PB enabled and are on a PB server - or start your own, you will have the stutter for about the first minute. Its not a question of if you have do, its more a question of how many people notice it.

I just think some people will say "its butter smooth" to anyone else having a problem. They probably don't even have the game in question.
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