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Default Re: COD4 MP, GTX 480 super hitch.

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Well the punkbuster issue with COD4 is a documented problem. Everyone has it. As long as you have PB enabled and are on a PB server - or start your own, you will have the stutter for about the first minute. Its not a question of if you have do, its more a question of how many people notice it.

I just think some people will say "its butter smooth" to anyone else having a problem. They probably don't even have the game in question.
What does this problem have to do with your OP?

The CoD4 PB issue last about a minute and is unrelated to your video card, and in fact would have happened with your old Ati card. You are complaining about hitching across multiple games with your 480, and questioning how the rest of us can be running smoothly.

Like I said, there is nothing wrong with our eyes, it's something going on with your system. I hope you figure it out, but don't assume that the rest of us are circling the wagons or just telling you this stuff for the hell of it.
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