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Default Re: COD4 MP, GTX 480 super hitch.

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What does this problem have to do with your OP?

The CoD4 PB issue last about a minute and is unrelated to your video card, and in fact would have happened with your old Ati card. You are complaining about hitching across multiple games with your 480, and questioning how the rest of us can be running smoothly.

Like I said, there is nothing wrong with our eyes, it's something going on with your system. I hope you figure it out, but don't assume that the rest of us are circling the wagons or just telling you this stuff for the hell of it.
Well I've been playing a lot of BF BC2 lately... which also uses PB - problem recognized. COD MW2 has been choppy but someone else confirmed it has been for them too lately - plus I can kind of fix that with vsync. But then I installed this and it was choppy but it was PB so it wasnt my eyes, its there. AC2 was another game that is choppy but vsync fixed that. ..and in fact it wasnt happening with my ATI card. Did you see what the official FAQ suggested... "changing GPUs"!!! They suggest you try another GPU lmao. So obviously they are aware its an issue with someones drivers...

So, no, there is nothing wrong with my system. All the issues I laid out there are documented on the internet. The problem is that I have all these issues with the games I'm playing right now...I have gone back and installed about 10 other games and they do run smoothly, at least in single player. The punkbuster issue affects any MP game with PB according to even balance... so we have to wait that out unfortunately.
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