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Default Re: COD4 MP, GTX 480 super hitch.

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
Type into console...

/cg_drawfps 1
/com_maxfps 250
/cl_maxpackets 100
/pb_sleep 500

Everytime you get the stutter you will see the fps drop around 100 for about 1ms every 3-5 seconds for about 2 mins. PB will then sleep untill the heartbeats start again.

the /pb_sleep command will increase the time it takes for pb to communicate with your pc. All the above console commands are perfectly legal and will improve lag/registration aalthough it will not cure the problem completly it will reduce how often it happens.

The stutters are caused by the way that pb scans the memory on 64bit OS.
Spot on man! Thanks. For now I disabled it and started a server and its gone. I just needed to know it wasnt the GPU. The FPS doesn't even really drop but the game will hitch and pause for the first min or so. With PB disabled it doesn't and thats all I really needed to solve. I'll play with those settings and see if I can't sort it out with it enabled,. Hopefully even balance gets their **** together and fixes it. Did they ever even fix it under Windows 7??
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