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Default Re: Green / Pink Flashing Pixels 195.36.15

Sorry, Luke, I was never able to get this to happen on the setup that I configured which was similar to yours. I've kept the annoying.png image as the desktop background on a couple of my main test machines, which have had a wide variety of GPUs and displays plugged into them over the past couple of weeks, and never saw any flashing pixels.

I've since had to return the monitor to the group I borrowed it from, but that was a while ago and it might be available again. I'll try to take another look soon.

Do you know if this happens if you have just one of these monitors hooked up, or only if you have two of them? I don't know if I'll be able to get two monitors, but if it seems like two are needed to observe this issue, then I'll try to get my hands on two. Could you give me a sense of how long the system might need to be up before this starts to happen? What firmware revision do you have on the monitors?
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