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Default Re: Retail vs. Steam

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
I care about 20 year old games right now, why would I not care about today's games in 20 years? I mean, that could be true, but current evidence says otherwise, so why would I assume the opposite?

And yes, games will surely be download-only in 20 years, and movies too, which is a shame because we are heading to a future where no one owns any of their media. AND YOU PEOPLE ARE MAKING IT HAPPEN. Yay!
My comment about the download was about future bandwidth, in 20 years or so, 5-10gb of current games will probably be downloaded in 5-10 minutes tops.

And 20 year old games will be downloaded/pirated like today’s ROMs. Basically abandonware that little to no one cares about.

Buio, brings up a good point, optical media is not forever, who can guarantee that in 20 years we still will have cd/dvd roms.
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