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Default Re: ASUS Publishes GTX 465 Unlock Tool - Transform To GTX 470

From via Guru3D:

Apparently the GTX465 can be flashed to a GTX470 with all the SPs, TMUs and ROPs enabled! Makes me have second thoughts about my 5770s... at least they were a lot cheaper though. Anyway this was originally found on the Romanian site Lab501 here.

I have fixed up the translation of the flashing instructions:

NOTE: Do not restart or power off the computer until this entire process is completed, or you may end up with a bricked card that has to be blind flashed.

1. Download the GTX465 Unlock Pack and unzip the files to a bootable flash drive. To make the flash drive bootable, put these files on it.

2. Boot from the flash drive and navigate to the directory where the files from the archive were extracted to.

3. Erase the EEPROM with the following command (without quotes): "nvflash-eraseeeprom". Confirm the command with "y" when prompted.

4. Flash the card with the GTX470 bios with the following command (without quotes): "nvflash -4 -5 -6 gtx470.rom". When this has completed, the process is done and the computer can be restarted.

Anybody wanna try this?

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