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Default nvidia and displaylink on ubuntu

Hi there!

my Setup
  • Dell Latitude E6400 with buildin LED-Backlit Flatpanel at 1440x900
  • HP LP2475w Desktop flat monitor at 1920x1200 attached at displayport
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW attached via Kensington DisplayLink USB-GraphicCard [1].
  • further details see bug-report.log
Get a three-monitor-setup working.

  • my Standard xorg.conf looks like xorg.conf.1 and works well. nvidia-settings works well also. nice piece of work here.
  • I gave the depricated "nv"-driver a try. xorg.conf.3 is the config used for this setup. All works well.
  • my enhanced xorg looks is attached as xorg.conf.2. When I start this one via
    startx -- :1 -nolisten tcp
    I get the logentries in "nvidia-bug-report.txt". In human readable words, xserver starts, first displaylink-monitor pops brown, then laptop then hp. This is when I can move the mouse for a split second. then laptop goes black again, hp goes black again and xserver crashes with a segmentation fault.
  • if I boot up xserver and gdm shows up for login and I select "gnome safe mode" graphics do work until nvidia-settings is launched

in short
it works with "nv"-driver and does not work with "nvidia" driver. chances are high that nvidia-driver is causing the problems. can you hint me where to search next?

thanks in advance

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