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Default Re: Green / Pink Flashing Pixels 195.36.15

Generally after a few weeks(2weeks>2months) of constant mon-fri 9-5 use. After the first initial spot it will get worse within the next 2 weeks then something like the pictures will happen. But that is no guarantee that it will cause this display problem.

A refresh of X or restart may sometimes clear the issue for a short period of time. So will reseeding the graphics chip. These are usually temprementaly and revert back to the original problem after a day or two.

We have been thinking it was a monitor issue, but when moved the monitors over to a windows machine using the same graphics card/dongle it will display perfectly on the windows computer. Or when moved the monitor from linux computer to linux computer the display will be clear on both computers.

I'm wonder if anyone else out there has experienced this issue?
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