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Default Re: Fallout Vegas is Steamworks

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I have a rock solid connection. Problem is when the Steam server get really really busy, I can't play. FU STEam!

Granted this only happened once, a few days back, when Slinter Cell was 50% off AND Alpha Protocol launched. ::
It's happened to me a few times... not common, but it happens. Steam as a program ain't bad, sometimes I leave it on simply as a chat program for days at a time.

My issues with Steamworks are much more rooted in principle over how we purchase and own software than anything with the program itself. I just don't like asking a company for permission to use something I bought... imagine if a DVD made you do that, or even a console game. It's coming to these other mediums, more popular mediums than PC games, and I look forward to finally seeing a revolt when it does.

Or not
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