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Default Re: Fallout Vegas is Steamworks

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
You didn't have to with FO3 either, the DLC was DRM-free as well.

The long and short of it is we went from DRM-free to online authentication and account-based DRM. I don't care if you like it, that sucks and is a bad sign for the future of PC DRM.
I don't get your resistance to Steam or what you call account-based DRM.. it seems to provide a super service as far as making your games available on every computer on earth + option for local storage/backup + auto patching + steam cloud storing settings and/or savegames is the future. Really the only reason one wouldn't like "account based DRM" is if one enjoys borrowing out his game to his friends all the time, which as far as I'm concerned isn't what one payed for - you only payed to play the product yourself although for unlimited time, indefinitely - which is exactly what you're getting with Steam (at least until the world comes to an end ).

If you're worried that Steam will shut down, this seems extremely unlikely, and they'd sure be taked over by other companies/people before that and they'd know to let customers keep playing their legally purchased games otherwise they'd be buying a dead horse - but even in the case of it happening, I'm very 99,9% sure that they would unlock all the users games for free use indefintely and in case of that not happening I'm 100% sure that hackers/crackers would find a way to play your legitimately owned games. What do you want, physical media? People in 10 years will laugh at the very thought of continuing use of physical media, it is so much more practical in every way to have digital distribution with cloud based systems. Valve has found the one model that works and that will work for films and music too: provide a good service and people will buy (though in the case og films/music it's much simpler and they don't have to provide auto patching, community services etc., but rather fast delivery, good quality, and fair price). I must admit that I'd rather have the owner of Steam be some kind of independent organization supported by some kind of huge games developer alliance, but if it has be a single firm, I'm glad it's Valve.

Disliking the whole concept of Steam (without extra DRM such as SecuRom, install limitations etc.) seems old-fashioned and paranoid to me

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
It's happened to me a few times... not common, but it happens. Steam as a program ain't bad, sometimes I leave it on simply as a chat program for days at a time.

My issues with Steamworks are much more rooted in principle over how we purchase and own software than anything with the program itself. I just don't like asking a company for permission to use something I bought... imagine if a DVD made you do that, or even a console game. It's coming to these other mediums, more popular mediums than PC games, and I look forward to finally seeing a revolt when it does.

Or not
I have no idea what you're talking about. I never ask Steam if I can play my games. I log on and play. If the servers are too busy (which has only happened a handful of times for me, and it always worked when I tried launching just a few seconds later), it's just a question of server capacity will i'm sure will improve with as the service expands. I can run Steam in offline mode and play a far majority of my games. The very few games I can't play in offline mode, I blame the publishers/developers of the game, not Steam, because I'm sure those are the ones dictating the terms on Steam, just like they dictate additional DRM and price for that matter. These things are not Steam's fault. And as more developers realize this such limitations will slowly disappear and eventually and hopefully, completely.
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