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Default Re: Fallout Vegas is Steamworks

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
If you weren't so busy chuckling over my first sentence, you may have actually bothered to read the rest of my post.
I read your post, it was mostly ignorant of the facts, so I chose not to respond. Since you are pushing the issue though...

I can play all of my Steam games in offline mode, except perhaps one or two and I don't even remember which (and it may have been fixed by now). I don't know how ME2 works, but I can play ME1 fine in offline mode.
Offline mode is only needed because you have to be online to install the game in the first place. With DRM free or disc-check only games, I do not have to ask permission to play the game I bought. That is the difference.

Again, you seem to have the impression that you only rent games through steam; no you own them and you can play them as much as you want for as long as you want as often as you want to.
As long as Valve says it is okay.

You own nothing on Steam, they make it quite clear in the terms of service that you agree to every time you buy something. You are an account subscriber and every game you buy is a license added to your account. You own nothing, you don't even own the account itself. You cannot sell it, you cannot even give it away. Valve can take it from you at any time for any reason they see fit.

My friends can try a game at my place and see if they like it and then buy it themselves if they do. I really don't see why I should have the right to borrow out my game left and right and have my friends play a bunch of games, but not pay for it.
I don't really like the idea of lending games out so my friends don't have to pay for them either, so I encourage my friends to support the developers and pay up. That is my choice though... forcing it on me through invasive restrictions on a game I purchased in a store and own physically is too far against consumer rights for me to accept happily though.

I don't buy the DVD argument; Movies also have a huge income at movie cinema's, developers only really have one source of income for games: the private persons who buys them for private use. Besides when I buy Blurays, I often pay 2-4x as much as it would cost to rent them. I consider that extra money spend towards the possibility of me lending it to friends or family. If you absolutely want this, the prices for digital copies should stay the same, while the price for retail copies should be 2-4x the price of account-unique digital copies - however that's not going to happen for historical and practical reasons.
I don't know what your point is here... you act like movies are different, but they are not. Movies are headed in the same direction as Steam with services like Netflix. One day, if consumers keep accepting it, movies will never be owned either and instead be account-based and streamed only, or what-have-you. Whether there is a revolt or not likely depends on how well they camouflage the loss of consumer rights with almost insignificant community features and ease of access, like Steam has done.

I can tell you one thing, when a more mainstream medium encounters these issues there will be a lot more talk about it.
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