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Default Re: Valve sucks! E3 announcment is gonna be Portal 2 which is out 2011 , no HL3/Ep3 :

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
If Source Engine 2, and Portal 2 running on it, is the surprise, I'm a happy panda
I'd be content, but not over joyed.

Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
Maybe Portal 2 IS the next Half Life
I can actually see this. I know Valve is trying to move past HL- they don't want to be held back by that franchise. However, with how popular it is and Portal is, I could see them continuing the HL story via Portal. Or something along those lines.

Originally Posted by Logical View Post

I'm not too bothered about no Ep3 announcement as i would like to see HL3 using source engine 2 and ep3 using the old source engine. It doesnt make sense to put the last episode of HL2 on a new engine. It would probably take away the 'awe' from HL3 if they did that.
There is no HL3, unless Valve has a change of plans. They've already stated that EP3 will be the final chapter for HL. Portal may continue on a different branch in the HL universe, however.
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