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Default Re: Valve sucks! E3 announcment is gonna be Portal 2 which is out 2011 , no HL3/Ep3 :

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
So.. you're content with the 6-year old Source engine and/or don't expect great things of Valve's next big engine?

I think i'd be the biggest thing in a long time, even bigger than CryEngine 3 and the next Unreal Engine!
HL2:EP2 looks fine for the most part- maybe up the polys, introduce tessalation, up the particle account... maybe upgrade havok to use the GPU or even have an option for Physx... that's about all I'd ask they add to the engine.

In fact, when playing HL2 a few months ago I was enjoying it 100% maxed, even with SLi 32xAA at 1680x1050. Game looked incredibly crisp and sharp. Texture resolution could use upping of course, but for it's age it still looks nice.

I could see Valve releasing an engine that'd rival the CryEngine 3, yes. And yes, it'd be cool.

However, a big part of the "awe" from Source engine was it's debut title- HL2. And the phsics effects it allowed for as well as the later introduction of HDR. In what way does Valve have anything along those lines to introduce with Source 2? The sequal to CS:S? That could be big, depending on what they did with it. Portal 2? Unless it is a full-fledged game that actually has a plot and story that is simply a different branch of the HL universe I don't see much reason for any ado over this.

No. If Valve were to announce that EP3 would be Source based, and Portal 2 would carry on the HL story (only a different branch/perspective of that story- remember Aperture was competing with Black Mesa) and it'd be based off of Source 2... yeah I'd get excited.

Otherwise, if they simply annouce Portal 2 and a new Source engine... after all this time has passed I'd be a little underwhelmed. Considering how much money they're making off of their Steam sales and all...
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