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Default Re: Prince of Persia The Forgotton Sands

Well THAT came out of nowhere. This game is awesome!

It's basically Sands of Time with ten times better graphics and smoother combat. The visuals are stunning, it is the Assassin's Creed engine but it runs at a smooth 60fps on my rig no matter what on max settings... textures are great, mouse and keyboard controls are great. Platforming feels real, like you are doing it, rather than the auto-pilot feel of the last game. Combat is fast-paced with no blocking, you have to dodge enemies and constantly attack. You get life from smashing boxes and killing enemies, not from water.

If you liked Sands of Time at ALL this is a MUST purchase I would say. I feel like I stole something getting this for $25, it's epic and I am so surprised... I was going to cancel my order, but I am glad I forgot.

Some pics:

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