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Default Re: Valve sucks! E3 announcment is gonna be Portal 2 which is out 2011 , no HL3/Ep3 :

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
Well people that's my point, when the Source Engine still holds up as good as it does now 6 years after (I still love playing L4D2 with friends, it's the best), isn't that a testiment to how genius Valve is at making game engines?

So imagine how cool a Source Engine 2 released in 2011, still looking good in 2017 would be? DX11, tesselation etc., but being very light resources and efficient too, enabling and adding more advanced features in the years to come as with Source
The engine it self isn't what originally got people hyped about Source- it was HL2 and what Valve was able to do back then. Physics weren't a big aspect of most games back then- but HL2 via the Source engine actually started promoting physics in games well before any other title did- and that was using Havok and CPU based.

HDR was introduced with Source, and incorporated into HL2. I guess I'm saying that HL2 sold the source engine and made it successful, not the other way around. If Valve just introduces Source 2 with no ground-breaking and highly anticipated title to go alone with it... the announcement wont be nearly as big.
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