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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 465/470/480" thread

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
Yea...I should have got this one in the first place. I've spent too much money on hardware stuff that I should have put to good use in other things.
Story of my last four years.

Sadly, I actually did the math.

Had I been more wise with my income over the past 4 years I'd have nearly $50k in the bank.

When my good friend was selling his 01 F250 end of last year (his truck was my dream truck, wasn't a thing about it I'd change or feel the need to improve) for only $11k (blue-booked for over $15k) I'd own it now flat out.

I'd also have enough money to pay cash on several pieces of property near wear I'm moving to.

So not only would I own the truck of my dreams, I'd own land as well- at the age of 23.

Live and learn, right.
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