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Default Re: 256.29: Jerky VDPAU HD playback in MythTV

I'm not sure you'll be able to match it. But I will see if I can figure out the "official" bug-report mechanism.

The hockey game has looked good thus far tonight (now headed for overtime), with the temperature sampling turned off.

This is with everything at normal scheduling priority, except for the one Mythfrontend thread that runs at realtime priority "1".

Mythbackend is recording the game, plus another SD analog show (PVR-250 card, 720x480), and running two commflag jobs, all at the same time that I'm watching the game about half an hour behind real-time.

When I leave all-else alone, and re-enable the temperature probing, I see a glitch every couple of minutes or so.

As a result, I've disabled the probing again. I don't mind that, as it was only needed when I first set up the video card (fanless GT240), so I could ensure it wasn't getting too hot. Mostly the card seems to be in the 56-60C range for temperature.

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