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Default Re: FreeBSD 8.0, Quadro FX 330, amd64?

Thanks, Zander.

Just to check back in now that two months have elapsed: is there any chance the port of the legacy driver to amd64 might occur in the near future? I still find myself unable to use my Quadro FX 330 under FreeBSD/amd64 8.0, and I suspect there are non-trivial numbers of users in the same boat. (Also tried the nouveau driver from the ports collection, but it doesn't seem to be able to do dual-head correctly...)

One thing I haven't tried is comparing the newer amd64 driver source against the i386 version, and seeing how hard it would be to make analogous changes to the legacy driver myself. But if back-porting these changes into the legacy driver is part of Nvidia's plan already, I'd of course be grateful to benefit from Nvidia's effort!

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