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Default how to setup VGA to TV out using dongle (nvidia ion or g210)

Hi Nvidia engineers,
I have two HTPCs running linux (ubuntu 9.10) with nvidia graphics - one uses a discrete PNY G210 card (with VGA and hdmi out) and nvidia ion mobo (ASUS AT3N7A-I ITX with VGA and HDMI).

Can either of these be setup to connect to a old tube TV (either over composite or S-video) using a VGA-to-composite (or S-video) dongle?

here is an inexpensive one I found.

The dongle manufacturer indicates it depends on the graphics card capability.

Do I need to add something into the xorg.conf specifically to make the VGA run at NTSC refresh rates?

I don't have room to another graphics card with TV out, recent ones don't seem to have the std def TV out feature.

Or do I really need one of those adapter boxes? The ones I found seem to have lot of limitiations, are lot more expensive than some of the graphics cards and user reviews are mixed.

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