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Default Re: Youtube: Crysis 2 game play

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Im calling bull**** on that. Sorry but I had SLi GTX 260s and couldn't even play with 4xAA at a playable framerate with settings maxed. Was SLi 32xAA even available on the 8800GTXs?
Originally Posted by HiCZoK4 View Post
maybe he thought that aa is applied and it wasnt working but he got fooled ? I got myself fooled sometimes when aa isnt as much easily visible in game becouse of extensive use of motion blur..
Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
It's easy to see AA in Crysis, the game looks as jagged as hell without it due to the brighness and amount of foilage.
Ya'll may be right. I just played it some. At first I had SLi x8 set via NVCP, and all in-game options maxed. Was getting slightly better than what I said.

Then, I went into NVCP and changed AA to SLi x32Q and played through the same part- game looked identical to the prior run and performance was near comparable. I'm guessing the AA isn't sticking then?

Anywho- I'm uploading some screenshots. I'll add them to this post soon as they're uploaded.

EDIT1: Okay, first batch from SLi x8 AA run is uploaded. Still waiting for the SLi x32Q shots to upload.


SLi x8 AA:

Looking at those screenshots I have to wonder if any AA is being applied. If so- doesn't look like it's much more than 2xAA. I have it set to over-ride in-game settings via NVCP. Maybe I also have to use in-game AA settings for it to work?

When the rest of the shots are done I'll upload them for comparison sake. Also have shots of the NVCP settings and CPU-z just to remove any doubt ya'll may have...
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