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Default Re: Youtube: Crysis 2 game play

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Redeemed, your below 30 in a shot and theres nothing going on... get close to the water and have a fire fight... it will drop by half there.

Here are some shots at your resolution with 4xAA ingame, Very High Settings and 8xAA CP Enhanced.

Yeah- I didn't feel like playing through the game.

And I can tolerate as low as 20fps in Crysis... game still seems "smooth" to me. 30fps is just peachy where I can get it.

I think AA isn't working for me- hence why the frame rates are so high. I'll try a run through a few more locations, later in the game. Right now SLi x32Q AA is still on and it seemed to be working when I just fired up CS:S a few moments ago- maybe there's a bug specific to Crysis where NVCP settings don't stick?
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