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Default Re: Youtube: Crysis 2 game play

Originally Posted by m3dude View Post
u have to set aa thru the crysis menu, doesnt work in the nvcpl. your shots have 0xaa. lol @ even entertaining the idea that 32xsliaa would be playable on 2 8800 gtx. lol @ some of the things said on this forum. arent pc gamers suppose to be the "smart" ones?
lol- no need for insults dude.

My single GTX260, back when I had it, offers comparable performance to what I get with these dual 8800GTXs.

I always thought it was a bit odd that I could crank the AA up so high and the game not be a slideshow- however I never cared enough to research it.

I just forces 16xQ AA via the in-game menu and frames dropped as low as 8fps at one point. Since the 20's are playable for me, 4xAA is probably my rigs' limit until I can get some more GPU power.
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