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Default Re: Fedora 13 "Goddard"

I have always had trouble with the nvidia drivers released from nvidia getting past the boot and/or login screens. Eventually I get them to work, but have resorted to waiting for those who compile the drivers to release the fixes on rpmfusion so I can install them that way.

I have waited for that to happen, but am getting impatient, so am asking for help/advice as you offered someone else.

I have kmod-nvidia installed which installs the rpm for the 195.36.24 version of nvidia drivers. I have read that the 200 series drivers have fixed the HDMI sound issue I have where I get picture but no sound on my HDMI output. I have always had other graphics issues when I install the non 190 series drivers, but am willing to try anything at this point. Since it has been a while since I installed the drivers from the nvidia site, I would like some advice.

I am using Fedora 13.
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