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Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
The AI running at you to fight rather than shoot you is a weird issue it has, that is true. I saw that happen 5-6 times through the game and every time I was like "WTF?" That said, the AI in other areas I never thought was bad... most people rag on the enemy detection in stealth, but that is stat-based like the aiming. At high stealth levels and stealth equipment, I was never seen basically. When the enemies are in alerted mode they see you quickly, but that makes sense because they are alerted.

His complaints about the aiming are completely non-factual and retarded, as it is stat-based aiming, not broken, and pistols are the most accurate weapons in the game once you level up. Most reviews make this mistake, which tells me they are fundamentally incapable of understanding the system at play or did not play long enough to level up their weapons (or leveled up poorly).

He is also factually inaccurate in saying the stealth is broken and you can't finish missions stealthily, which is just a lie and I completed I would guess 9 out of 10 missions without being seen once.

The texture pop-on/too much depth of field complaint is not relevant to the PC version.

What else did he list? Bugs and glitches? These seem prevalent for some people but honestly I only encountered a couple minor ones.

The biggest negatives of the game are crappy, rough graphics and horrible mini-games, which he barely/doesn't mention.

So I say crappy review, and I am trying to justify nothing. The game is in the 7 range I would guess, which is what most of my more trusted review sites, like say Eurogamer, gave it. For RPG lovers and people who dug Deus Ex I would say up that by two points. I certainly had a 9 out of 10 experience with it myself.
I'd give it a 6+,i think a lot of what he said is true but not all of it,it does however vary a lot because not all people experience bugs and if you do it will definatly bring down your impression of the game as a whole.
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