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Default Re: Fedora 13 "Goddard"

Originally Posted by miltbos View Post
I have always had trouble with the nvidia drivers released from nvidia getting past the boot and/or login screens. Eventually I get them to work, but have resorted to waiting for those who compile the drivers to release the fixes on rpmfusion so I can install them that way.

I have waited for that to happen, but am getting impatient, so am asking for help/advice as you offered someone else.

I have kmod-nvidia installed which installs the rpm for the 195.36.24 version of nvidia drivers. I have read that the 200 series drivers have fixed the HDMI sound issue I have where I get picture but no sound on my HDMI output. I have always had other graphics issues when I install the non 190 series drivers, but am willing to try anything at this point. Since it has been a while since I installed the drivers from the nvidia site, I would like some advice.

I am using Fedora 13.
Firstly you need to uninstall the rpmfusion nvidia driver. Then install gcc, make, kernel-devel and kernel-header packages or
yum groupinstall Development Tools
Get to another TTY with Ctrl, Alt, F2 and login as root. Kill xorg(killall Xorg) and then run the NVIDIA installer 200 series driver you downloaded(make sure you make it executable in the preferences)
chmod a+x "NVIDIAinstallername"
for example, "". After it's finished you should be able to just run your login manager, i.e just run gdm or kdm etc..

Don't reboot during this process and if the display doesn't start, look in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and see if the "Section Device" line still says "nvidia". If for whatever reason you cannot get this to work then don't reboot because you have the Nouveau driver blacklisted. Reinstall the rpmfusion drivers from the TTY. If unsure of the package names, type
yum search nvidia
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