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Default Re: Replaced my 5870 with a 480. WTF LOAD TIMES?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I find it funny how the nvidia only guys claim its so smooth. Coming from an HD5870 I think Smee and I are in agreement that no matter how smooth the GTX 480 plays it, the HD5870 played it much better. Thats the only game I really miss my HD5870 for though. The HD5870 was just alot smoother than the GTX 480 in BF BC2 even with 275.15.
Well, the ultimate proof is easy, When I loaded a new map with the 5870, the countdown timer would be at 21 seconds or so.. Same exact rig with the 480 and 275.15 loaded, my countdown timer is at 10-11 seconds by the time I'm in.
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