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Default Re: Replaced my 5870 with a 480. WTF LOAD TIMES?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Well 1. I'm waiting for the new patch from DICE. According to some Nvidia owners the latest patch hosed nvidia cards performance a lot. ( I dunno I had my HD5870 at the time) 2. waiting for Nvidia drivers to mature, I know ATI had 6-7 lead time but thats Nvidia's own fault. Hoping they can sort things with their drivers soon.

I may grab a 2GB card and just water cool it again. My last one was doing 1Ghz core, I'm sure I can sell this for a good amount still. I'm torn between waiting and going back right now for the reasons I mentioned above. IMO the GTX 480 has more potential than a HD5870 at this time. Will it be unlocked? Time will tell.
I much prefer the 480s and find them to be faster across the board (No issues with regards to smoothness either).

I played BC2 SP for a little while this morning and it was running perfectly (257.29 Beta).
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