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Default Re: Metro 2033 $24.99 USD

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
If it's purchased through Steam it's against the ToS, also if's it's one of those dodgey sites that just sells the key. However if it's retail boxed even if it's a game that uses Steamworks, it's fine. Also if the game if gifted it's legal. There is no way Valve can stop people handing out gifts to loved ones and I love |MagNuS|.
Those key sites are just selling you the foreign version and saving on shipping, I don't know how Steam would tell the difference. I am saying it WOULD happen, I am just saying read up on the Modern Warfare 2 thing and know what you're risking, if anything.

Also perhaps pay in your native country and not be a cheap skate Cap, to support the devs
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