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Default (Build Log) CrossBone XXL Custom Arcade Stick

After building my main 2 player arcade stick I’ve had quite a few people show some interest in me building some sticks. I enjoy designing and building them and it seems there is some market in it. So I figured I might give it a shot as I could use some side cash. I can try building a few sticks and see if they sell.

At first I thought I shouldn’t post pictures of me putting it together. But then I decided its so much work I’d like to show how much work I put into it. I did put a bit of thought into the stick and made a full 1:1 sketup model as well as some spread sheets and price lists to manage and make a few of these things at a time. but im going to leave all that out for now and just show the build for my first stick (still work in progress)

I’ve got a ton of pictures so I’ll let them do most of the talking.

This is my first prototype stick made for testing. Some steps might have been skiped as this is not a tutorial.

Ignore the mess, Enough wood to do about 8.

Tip DO NOT buy that Jig Saw it is a POS took it back after the first 15 mins.

PS3/PC PCB board unassembled

Japanese Sanwa Buttons and Stick with octa gate. IL Comp Select Start and Home/Back Button


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