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Default Re: Replaced my 5870 with a 480. WTF LOAD TIMES?

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
IMO the GTX 480 has more potential than a HD5870 at this time. Will it be unlocked? Time will tell.
Potential or not, it's already a faster card than the 5870 and that includes in BFBC2.

Maybe you just think the 5870 ran BFBC2 smoother?

After all, you said that you didn't have stuttering problems in MW2 with the 5870 and then later (when you found out it wasn't a problem with the 480) turned around and said that everyone who has the game has stuttering. You obviously didn't remember the stutter in MW2 on your 5870, even though it was there, maybe you just don't remember how BFBC2 ran on that card either?

Bottom line, if BFBC2 isn't running as smooth as it possibly can with your 480, it's something with your system, because it doesn't run any smoother on anything else.
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