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Default Re: Crysis 2 Beta

Originally Posted by Ancient76 View Post
DX10? Crysis is DX9 game.
Get your facts straight, crysis was both dx9 and 10.

Originally Posted by Ancient76 View Post
What effects? These effects are purposely locked.
Those dx10 effects was not locked, but were not supported on dx9 hardware. Were talking about only minor graphical aspects:
Soft particles, object based motion blur and something more which i can't remember. Apart from those, there was no difference in the graphics when running crysis in DX10@Vh and running dx9 with the "veryhigh tweak" by altering some cvar config files.

Originally Posted by Eltigre88 View Post
It was a DX10 game thats why most people purchased it for the new effects. It looked far better in 10 than 9!
Wrong... Veryhigh looked better (not far better) than the High preset.. you could take one screenshot in dx9 with tweaked veryhigh and one with veryhigh from the ingame options menu in dx10 and you couldn't tell the difference (if you didn't do some actions that displayed object-MB or soft particles...)

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
OMG t3H gR@ph1c$11
Still the new footage from E3 @ gametrailer is on the console version(s)

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
DX11 seems like more of a performance booster than DX10 was.
Actually not all games had worse performance in dx10. Take FC2 for an example...
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