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Man, this game could be so awesome were it not multiplayer only. I like the look and feel, but I just dislike MMO multiplayer too much to pay for it I suspect. Two examples why:

1) My second or third combat mission was to stop a gang from spray-painting a wall... I get there to see a cop and criminal just standing there talking on mic. I shoot the criminal and I hear someone yell at me "dude we're trying to figure the game out together, get the **** out of here." Immersion factor? -1,000,000.

2) I boot up into the social area for the first time to see someone in pink clothes with the word "FAG" written on the back simulating a BJ on everyone who enters the area, with people joining in. Got a pic of it, though sadly not the epithet:

I just don't know how to enjoy being immersed in a game with all this ridiculous crap.
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